Interviews on Sexuality

Conscious Sexuality, Orgasms & Tantra

Interview with Sofia Sundari, internationally renowned tantra teacher, 25th February 2018, Northern Bali

From Conscious Touch to Tantric Orgasms

Interview with Robyn Dalzen and Matthias Schwenteck, experts on the "Wheel of Consent", sexuality & intimacy, 21st February 2018, Ubud, Bali

Sexual Healing

Interview with Alexa Mira, Tantra teacher, body and breath worker, and life coach, 1st March 2018, Northern Bali

What is a Tantra massage?

Interview with Gaia from, 2nd March 2018, in Ubud, Bali

Buddhism and Sexuality

Interview with Dr. Negi, Indian Bon Buddhist Monk in Mcleod Ganj, India, 10th March 2018

My time in India at a Yoga Teacher Training

In these 23 videos, I am sharing my experience of traveling to India and attending a yoga teacher training there. In the evening of most of the days there, I summarised what we learned and what I thought about it. 

The first videos

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