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I am a postdoctoral researcher and trainer from Berlin. I am interested in "positive sexuality": the question as to how people can live their sexuality in a fulfilling and authentic way. To address this, I incorporate knowledge from Tantra, an Eastern wisdom tradition which also (although not at all exclusively) deals with sexuality. I am generally interested in spirituality and self-transcendent experiences, and how sexuality may relate to this. Finally, I have also been doing research on willpower and am giving workshops and talks on how to develop a healthy and harmonious type of willpower.


My seminars are described on the German version of the page, so if you speak German, please visit it. Here, on the English page, you find some information about me, you can read my blog about willpower, sexuality and my life, and you can watch my videos. In these videos, I interview international experts on sexuality and spirituality, including some famous Tantra teachers and intimacy coaches. Moreover, I report on my experience during a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India and share the spiritual knowledge from this training in detail.